Giving and Receiving Feedback
Workshop with Tyler Enslin

Date June 2, 2020
Location Zoom
Time 12:00PM - 1:30PM
Zoom link provided in registration confirmation email.

Creating a culture that embraces candid feedback is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations today. In this interactive program we will examine feedback from both perspectives: giving and receiving.

Participants will determine why constructive or ‘negative’ feedback is often either avoided or delivered in a way that is ineffective. Through a series of videos we will discuss the common barriers that are experienced by the receiver. To limit these barriers, effective feedback requires skill, and the application of specific techniques on the part of the giver. On the receiving side, we will discuss how to respond, accept, and apply constructive feedback even if it is given in unkind, or vague fashion. Participants can be confident as they implement these techniques and principles whether they are giving or receiving feedback.



Tyler Enslin